Carbon Fee and Dividend, which gives all revenue back to households, is a solution that can bridge the partisan divide.

Citizens' Climate Lobby is a non-profit, non-partisan grassroots organization with over 220 chapters around the world. I started the volunteering with the organization in 2012 when I was inspired by an introductory conference call to start the Portland Chapter. What impressed me the most is the concept of a solution to global warming that could have a real impact. By "creating the political will for a livable world", which essentially means building relationships with members of Congress and editorial boards, and educating the public through outreach and publications in local newspapers. I realized that we have the power to influence not only those in positions of power, but also those who are too overwhelmed, too busy, to "fill-in-the-blank" or in various states of denial to take any action on climate change. By passing a carbon fee and dividend (where all the money raised through the price on the fossil fuels would be returned to American households...see video above), we can choose both the economy and the environment, and have a win-win for all.


As a volunteer Group Leader, and Regional Coordinator for the Greater Pacific Northwest, my goal mirrors that of the organization: to empower people to have personal and political breakthroughs in a manner that helps us create the polital will for a livable future. I am eager for others to join CCL because of I've not only experienced numerous breakthroughs, but I found the hope I was seeking and the outlet for action into which I can pour my passion to make a difference for all of life.

To learn more about our local Portland chapter and events, email me at We'd love to have you join us. For more information about CCL in general, check out their website.

As an Integral Master Coach, I seek to support and empower eco-conscious visionaries on their quest to mitigate climate change, thereby securing the health and well-being of all life on earth. Whether overwhelmed with the greatness of the task, confused by the multitude of options, or wishing for greater effectiveness on the current path, I free up leaders and dreamers from what stops them from feeling the fulfillment they seek on a personal and universal level.

I'd love the opportunity to work with you on whatever might be blocking your path to impact. If and when you're ready to be freed up for something different, contact me for a free consultation to explore what is possible.

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