My approach to coaching is relaxed yet professional, and combines 20 years of teaching, tutoring, and facilitation experience with a rigorous coaching certification that enables deep and lasting change in my clients. As an Integral Master Coach™, I listen from my heart, inquire with compassion, and tailor a unique program that addresses the specific challenges that inhibit growth in each client. 

I believe that relationships are at the foundation of our positive experiences with others, and recognize the lasting impact that they have on our learning. I design my tutoring sessions with this in mind; meet students at their current level; and support them in their process of discovery, ultimately guiding them towards academic success and an increased sense of confidence and well-being. 


As a trilingual teacher of English, German, and Spanish, I thrive on sharing my love of language and culture with students of all ages. With a passion for Experiential Learning, I focus on creating interactive lessons that stimulate interest and understanding, while simultaneously improving comprehension, speaking, reading and writing.