Michael B.

I worked with Tamara through much of 2014, ostensibly to enable me to overcome a reluctance to perform musically with vulnerability, passion and emotional connection. In short, that part was successful. What I had not anticipated, however, was how broadly the experience would affect my whole life. What Tamara's personal coaching style and methodology helped me understand was how that reluctance in music was only symptomatic of far deeper lifetime currents. As Tamara came to understand them, she literally proposed a new way of being. While initially skeptical, I opened to developing one "muscle" at a time to transition into doing just that. The evolution that occurred over those months, combined with other life changes, has had profound impact on multiple life dimensions, from marriage to family to other important connections in my life. Tamara proved to be more than competent as an Integral Master Coach, but went well beyond that to add her compassionate humanity and love of all life in a most effective way. So, not only am I performing musically in ways I had once dreamed of, but I am living life itself with far greater authenticity. Furthermore, the changes in me are being noticed in very positive ways by those around me. I strongly recommend Tamara to anyone passionate about, but struggling to effect, positive change in this world and in themselves.