Aligning my Vision

When I look at the date of my most recent post--June 19--I'm struck with a variety of thoughts and images regarding an amazing two months of beautiful weather and extremely wonderful adventures. Camping on the Salmon, hiking in the Gorge, swimming in rivers, biking in the city--nearly all of these excursions in the company of my favorite five-year-old in the whole universe. 

At the beginning of the summer, I had a much different expectation for the upcoming two months. Like years past, I planned to carve out a great deal of time to work. I set up a number of child care trades, and felt extremely grateful to my in-laws, who have taken our daughter overnight just about every week since she was a year old. I signed her up for one camp, for two whole weeks, eager to use the time to blog, build my business, and interview executives. 

As Steinbeck so beautifully expressed, however, "the best laid schemes of mice and men... often go awry".

But, in this case, I might choose my own ending to more aptly match the reality of our summer. While there were some moments of disappointment at having so little time to dive into building my business, I am coming to realize that the opportunities that I had to be so fully present with my daughter--laughing and playing, adventuring and enjoying our amazing surroundings--contributed to building my dream business in a way that I never could have expected at the outset. This is coming from a place of having grown so frustrated in my past at trying to work while trying to parent. I finally realized that I'm not interested in living that life, or more importantly, in being the person that I become when I'm wishing my daughter would just let me work. 

I was reading an article tonight in which the author addresses a 'climate swerve' which he likens to the 'nuclear swerve' that ultimately moved us, as humanity, away from the use of nuclear weapons. He lays out a number of reasons for this shift, including the time-related threat of climate change illustrated by extreme weather events around the world, as well as the economics of the fossil fuel industry and the 'stranded assets' which, if released, could likely mean the end of life as we know it. 

I bring this up because I realized that the excitement I felt while reading this article mirrored that which I felt a few months back when I read a related article in Market Watch entitled, 'How CEOs Can Save the World from Climate Change'. At the time, that article felt like my light at the end of the tunnel, or perhaps more accurately, the foundation upon which I could base my whole mission to coach executives in mitigating climate change. As my path continues to shift, however, and I realize that I am more interested in working with my 'tribe' than expending the extra energy to work with those who may not recognize what I truly have to offer, I get truly excited about this article and its message. While I have had the strong sense that things are shifting, I also know that I'm quite biased, and my perspective may be skewed. 

So, while I have little doubt that I could ultimately be successful with executives, I'm feeling excited about my shifting path. This weekend, when I went to pick up a bike for Kaya on craigslist, the owner asked me if I was "in the trades." Confused, I asked him what he meant, and he pointed at my Wink's Hardware hat, and my black Carhartts. "I love wearing clothes like this," I told him. "My phone fits perfectly in this side pocket, and this hammer loop is incredibly useful!" He smiled and nodded, in full agreement. We were able to relate in a way that allowed both of to be ourselves. That's what I want. 

I want to bring my whole self to the table without having to wonder if it's good enough. Through shifting my path, and seeking out a new niche, I am making that more possible. While there are still maps to be created, and some rivers to ford, I'm excited for wet boots and what lies around the bend.