Ready to Fail...

I've always thought that New Years' Resolutions provided a pretty cool way to push the reset button and hitch our wagon to a star. At the same time, I've never been really big on the concept, perhaps because I was always too afraid to be too much like everyone else?

This year, though, while I didn't put official energy (is there such a thing?!) into creating one, I did set an unofficial intention, as it's feeling like high time to be courageous and vulnerable in the name of possibility. 

I'm ready for growth, not just for me, which I'm always into, but for my business. I'm ready to feel fulfilled and alive, excited at multiple opportunities to coach, to facilitate, and to resolve lots of conflicts with lots of teams. 

Fall seven times, stand up eight.
— -Japanese Proverb

So, world. Here I am. Ready to fail. Again and again. All in the name of success...which, as I've been recently exploring, is all about leaning into and letting our passions fly in a way that has others wanting so much more of what we've got. 

May you have the courage to dive in along with me and jump into your dreams for 2016!