Brittney H.

I was open to possibilities when I met Tamara for our first Integral Coaching session, and had a few ideas in mind for possible goals. I was not expecting to open up as completely as I did, nor to settle on a topic that I have struggled for years to really face. But Tamara's ability to really listen and make me feel genuinely heard and valued allowed me to be more vulnerable than I thought I would be. She handled my issue with attentiveness, kindness, and care, and it showed in the plan she created for me. She zeroed in on aspects that took me by surprise and her insight had me looking at my issue in a new light, capture in a metaphor full of meaning and symbolism that had a significant impact on me. [...]

Her encouragement, wisdom ,and guidance, combined with a plan that was perfectly suited to me, resulted in a transformation that I honestly would not have believed possible if it hadn't happened to me. 

I will always be indebted to Tamara. She changed my life.