Sean P.

When I first started with Tamara and Integral Coaching, I wasn't really convinced that it would work for me. I was struggling with double-anxieties of trying to start up a social enterprise - a business with a social mission. Not only were there financial pressures, but also pressure to contribute to a greater cause and still find time to connect with the people I care about. I was becoming overwhelmed and was having difficulty finding balance and joy in what used to be a passion of mine.

I was blown away at what Tamara and I were able to accomplish together. Tamara helped me craft my own, personalized vision of what I needed in order to rediscover joy in my work and personal life. Through careful attention to detail, deep, meaningful conversations and a personalized set of beautifully crafted "practices," Tamara helped me find a new, authentic and relaxed way to manage my life and work. In fact, even the word "manage" no longer really describes how I feel about my responsibilities - they are just one part of a joyful and exciting life that seeks to work for meaning in the world. A profound change that helps me feel more like my "real self," even under pressure and in nearly any situation. Thanks Tamara!